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Jones Street Station

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The Understanding


Jones Street Station

About the artist

Known for their unique take on traditional Americana, the band expands their sound on the upcoming EP incorporating horn playing and arrangements by CJ Camerieri (The National, Sufjan Stevens, and David Byrne).
“Of all the bands Brooklyn has produced in recent years, rarely has the borough birthed an Americana-rock love child like Jones Street Station. But this isn’t just Appalachia-on-the-Hudson—the band is just as fond of rockstar timbres and synths as it is mandolin, banjo licks and harmonica. We’re not the first to liken them to a little band called Wilco, and we’d humbly submit the folk/pop stylings of The Avett Brothers and the jamboree ethos of Akron/Family for comparison as well.”- Paste Magazine
“Listening is like running down a mountain on a switchback trail, the sound of surprise generating its own momentum. There’s a punk glee inside the bluegrass craft–and a punk vehemence inside the bluegrass smile.” –Greil Marcus
“For a band of Brooklynites, the Jones Street Boys kick up a pretty good hillbilly stomp on Overcome (Smith Street). They play their catchy originals with virtuosic mandolin jams and honky-tonk piano fillers, and top them with off-kilter, good-time harmonies.” –Time Out New York
“The Jones Street Boys impressed us with a spotless performance at our unofficial CMJ party – in particular when they all together sang a song a cappella displaying their perfect pitch. No doubt: these guys can all play and sing – and their lifting mix of country and pop makes them the perfect Deli band for the month of December. ” –The Deli Magazine – December’s NY Artist of the Month
“The Jones Street Boys will be a new found treat for any fan of the modern Americana movement and fit beside any of that genres best. For others that like diversity in their playlist, Overcome is a great balance and won’t disappoint because The Jones Street Boys could be your new favorite. ” –The Fire Note Blog
“When you think of Brooklyn, the first thing to come to mind probably isn’t bluegrass-infused americana – but maybe it should be. On Overcome, The Jones Street Boys meld elements of folk, country, and bluegrass with pavement-pounding urban flare to yield a sound that is distinctly American.” –Mixtapes/Heartbreaks Blog
“Hey, I can’t top Greil Marcus, but I will add that I can’t resist a song that starts out with mandolin, then adds harmonica, then stand up bass, and then a chorus of “Last cigarette, last beer, last call, last year. Last time I swore I was over you.”” –Songs:Illinois Blog
“The happy-go-lucky vibe of The Jones Street Boys will have you tapping your feet and snapping your fingers in no time.” –Rhapsody
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