Free Amazon Android App of the Day 10/25/2014

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Box It! 2

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Free Amazon Android App of the day for 10/25/2014 only!

Normally $0.99 but for today it is FREE!!

Box It! 2

Product Features

  • Play a mind-bending puzzle game
  • Enjoy 100 levels of addictive fun
  • Challenge yourself to find the gold of Ollantaytambo
  • Seek out Urcaguary, the great God of metals, jewels and items of great value, to help you on your quest through the ruins

Product Description
Box It! 2

Push the totem statues to the lock mechanism
Box It! 2

Progress though 100 sokoban puzzles
Box It! 2

Watch out for wood spikes randomly emerging from the ground

What lies beneath the ancient Inca ruins in the mines of Kazarakt remains a mystery, but as legend has it, they hold vast treasures. Follow an ancient Inca trail and help Marv the miner unlock the ruins in this mind-twisting sokoban puzzle game for your Android device. Push rock totems to the lock mechanisms found on the ground. Once all totems are securely in place, the entrance to the ruin opens and awards a treasure. With 100 entrances to open, Marv needs help navigating his way through each puzzle.

Brains and Brawn

You be the brains and let Marv be the brawn. Each puzzle contains a number of locks and totem statues randomly placed among a unique labyrinth design. Marv can push one totem at a time and you must strategically direct him using the arrows. It’s easy to accidentally trap poor Marv in a corner or push a statue to a spot from which it can’t be moved. Think ahead and count your moves. The less work for Marv the better for your score and bonuses.

In addition to the static, natural obstacles like bushes and other totems, the ancient grounds provide another obstacle to show its disdain for your intrusion attempts. On occasion, wooden spikes emerge from the mystical presence below. They won’t do any serious harm, but they’ll require Marv to maneuver around them costing more steps and more time.

Even Marv Makes Mistakes

Since every step counts, mistakes can be crucial, but fortunately the undo button lets you step back. You can even step back up to seven paces. You’re penalized points for everytime a level is restarted, so do’t get frustrated and use the restart button. Using the undo button is the best bet.

Treasures await and these ruins aren’t going to unlock themselves. Guide Marv into the deep and mysterious treasure coves and see if you can solve the Inca mysteries in the ruins of Kazarakt.

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