Free Amazon Android App of the Day 9/16/2014

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Polar Bowler 1st Frame

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Free Amazon Android App of the day for 9/16/2014 only!

Normally $0.99 but for today it is FREE!!

Polar Bowler 1st Frame

Product Features

  • Real bowling action
  • Play by yourself or with a friend
  • 18 achievements to unlock
  • Introducing Polar Scoring, a unique twist on scoring to keep your games fun and competitive
  • Collect FREE crates that contain boosts to help improve your bowling score or multipliers that help you get a better Polar Score
  • Turn on the bowling bumpers to bounce the tube down the alleyway for a different way to play

Product Description

A Polar Bear in an inner tube? Wait, he’s BOWLING in the inner tube and there’s a penguin with a towel?

PB has always loved Polar Bowling. When he was a kid, his dad built him a little alley and gave him an inner tube. Since then he’s been launching himself down the lane trying to knock over anything that resembles a bowling pin. As PB grew older, he began thinking he could build a better mousetrap, er…bowling alley. What better place to build it than his own backyard? Building was hard work though! So, he forged a work order at his father’s business, PB Industries, and had a polar bowling alley constructed FOR him in his own backyard.

So every afternoon, it’s time to bowl.

And bowl he does.

Originally available for play on your PC, Mac, or even the Nintendo DS, Polar Bowler has been knocking down pins all over the world. We’ve brought him back and built him a whole new alley your smart phones and Kindles. Check out some highlights of the new lane as you bowl:

– A giant “Jumbotron” at the end of the lane
– A bigger better Bear Return for convenience
– A fountain and statue for….ambiance
– J the penguin who operates the pin machine and hands PB a towel when he needs it.

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