Google Play Free Song of the Day 8/30/2014

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Cloud Boat

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Cloud Boat


About the artist

As teenagers, north London-based producers Tom Clarke and Sam Ricketts played in metal bands and were also into post-rock. While attending separate universities, they got into electronic music, with Ricketts particularly taken by cutting-edge London club nights such as FWD>> and DMZ. Once they finished their studies, they worked as a duo with new inspirations. As Cloud Boat, they made their debut in 2011 on the reactivated R&S label; the ‘Lions on the Beach’ 10″ offered a hybrid of downcast dubstep and melancholy folk, somewhere between Burial and Hood. Their lone recorded activity in 2012 was a lurching ambient remix of My Panda Shall Fly and Benjamin Jackson’s ‘Data-Module’. In 2013, they re-appeared with the 10″ ‘Wanderlust’, as well as the album ‘Book of Hours’, for R&S’ Apollo subsidiary.

They may ask for Credit card information through Google Play but, it is 100% completely FREE and you will not be charged!

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