TeleBrands Phantom Saucer Review

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Phantom Saucer


Do you like magic tricks and illusions? I always loved to watch magicians perform and ask myself how did he do that and where did that bunny go? We’ll a magician never reveals their secrets! That I can tell you is that the Phantom Saucer is about the size of a waffle and is made out of a heavy-duty cardboard like material. It is already assembled in the package therefore no work is needed. In the package you will find a card and on that card is a code to learn all the secret tricks you can do with the Phantom Saucer. There is an instruction manual as well on how to bring the Phantom Saucer alive. Now it just wouldn’t be no fun if I told you exactly how it worked, spoilers. My thirteen year old daughter wanted to give it a whirl and be the first to try it out. She had a great time with it and her little brothers were so amazed! This was their very first experience with magic and they were beyond amazed! Excited was more like it and they would ask me every day if they can see “MAGIC” and as they said it all while moving their hands around like sissy did while using the Phantom Saucer. Would you like to win a Phantom Saucer for yourself? Stay tuned in for the Giveaway coming soon and on how to win it!

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As you saw on TV, Phantom Saucer is the magic trick illusion that’s out of this world! The Phantom Saucer is a flying spacecraft that appears to defy gravity by magically hovering between your hands. Make it go up down and all around, Phantom Saucer tricks the senses and fools the eyes to impress any audience! Put on a show and amaze your family and friends, with this super-secret illusion that appears to hover in midair and fly right before their eyes! Phantom Saucer is the fun magic trick that you can learn super quick. The more you try it the better you fly it! Phantom Saucer is more than just a toy, it’s perfect for magicians of all ages. Phantom Saucer is the perfect gift for birthdays, parties & other special occasions. Its spellbinding movements are so dazzling, kids just love it! So begin your Phantom Saucer magician training and learn the secret to this incredible flying sensation today!

Yo will get the Phantom Saucer for just $10.00 plus $5.99 shipping and handling. We’ll also include the secret code web access with your order, which has all the instructions you’ll need to fly the Phantom Saucer. You can also add a special offer second Phantom Saucer for just a separate fee of $6.99. Plus, when you order you’ll also receive a $15 As Seen on TV Rewards Card. Use it to shop for some of the hottest As Seen on TV products at or give the Card away to friends and family.

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