Free Amazon Android App of the Day 7/3/2014

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Giraffe's PreSchool Playground

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 Free Amazon Android App of the day for 7/3/2014 only!

 Normally $0.99 but for today it is FREE!!

Giraffe’s PreSchool Playground


Product Features

  • Let your child learn the alphabet and more with a cheerful, educational app
  • Bring a powerful learning tool with you on the go
  • Get an easy, intuitive app with big buttons and responsive touch controls
  • Play 6 games designed to teach alphabet basics, numbers, and more
  • Enjoy a free mp3 just for kids

Product Description

Join Giraffe on a colorful, musical, and educational journey!
SIX GAMES IN ONE! – An incredible value!

Download now at 66% OFF — Don’t miss out!!

The most beloved educational app on iOS finally comes to Android!
– Chosen by 1up’s John Davison as one of the Top 9 iPhone Apps for Toddlers.
– “I gave my iPod Touch to my fiance’s 3 year old sister and she could not put it down.” ( review)
– “Parents need to know that Giraffe’s PreSchool Playground is a cheerful educational app that includes six games to
teach ABCs and numbers, seek-and-find skills, and animal names. The Photo Playground is a picture-making game and
kids can make their own animal scenes and save them to the device’s photo gallery…The app is very easy and
intuitive, with big simple buttons to press and a little cartoon giraffe who provides spoken instructions.”
(Common Sense Media review)
Some reviews from the iPhone version:
– “The song alone is worth the price. My 18 month old granddaughter LOVES the song…”
– “[my son] learned to recognize numbers all the way up to 20 because of this app! Definitely recommend for younger
– “My 4 year old loves this game. It’s got a lot to do, it’s a great value. There are a lot of game modes and she
has really been kept busy for some time with this app. I recommend!”
– “Monkey Got Away is a hit! My 3 year old absolutely loves animals so this app is very popular with him. I was
surprised by how much he loves the song ‘Monkey Got Away’, he will open the app just to hear the song over and over
again. Thanks so much for offering the free mp3 download!”
– “Wonderful for special needs! Thank you for creating such a wonderful application. We are using it to work with
our non-verbal son who has autism…”

Join Giraffe on a colorful, musical, and educational journey to learn your ABCs, 123s, animals, explore music, work
on memory, unleash your creative side, and more!

***** FEATURES *****
***** FEATURES *****
-FREE MP3 of the kids song, “Monkey Got Away” (see help/options screen in the app to redeem)
-6 game modes to entertain & educate, a kid-friendly interface, funny animal sounds, original music, and vibrant
-24 different jungle/safari animals to play with!
-Child isn’t reading yet? No worries! Giraffe will tell you what to do.
-Many users have reported that this app is wonderful for children with special needs.
-Constantly adding new content via updates!

***** 6 GAME MODES *****
***** 6 GAME MODES *****
1. LETTERS. Giraffe will ask you to find the letters in the jungle grass. Can you find them? Offers two levels of
difficulty to cover a wide age-range of little learners.
2. NUMBERS. A fun way to learn your numbers! Choose numbers that go up to 10 or 20. Junior Explorers can have the
clue shown (helps learning the numbers, and promotes memorization), while Ace Adventurers will have the clue
spoken-only for an advanced challenge.
3. ALPHABET SONG. Tap to advance the notes and sing the alphabet song along with Giraffe! For an added challenge,
turn on the bongos and play along with the beat!
4. BIG SAFARI. Can you find the animal and place it in the net? Use your finger to drag or flick the animals. Can
you beat your high score?
5. ANIMALS. Your kids will have a blast finding the animals and hearing the funny sounds!
6. PHOTO PLAYGROUND. Choose your background and arrange wildlife, comical hats, food, shrubs, and more! Have the
perfect composition? Email a photo to a loved one!

Your kids will exercise their noggin while having a blast.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions, we will be happy to help you.

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