The Dangers of Drinking and Driving

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My first response is what! What in the world are you thinking to get behind the wheel while intoxicated? The second response is why! Why would you risk your own life and others? I worry about driving late at night or on a holiday weekend with my kids or just by myself. The reason being isn’t because a deer might jump into the road or I might take a wrong turn down a scary road, it’s because I know there will be people driving their vehicles while intoxicated. It scares me to death and I am afraid of death! I know the police officers are out there trying to do their jobs to stop them, but let’s face it they can’t be everywhere. I am no prude to when it comes to having a good time and throwing back a few cold ones but, you MUST plan your way home! Whether it be a cab, designated driver or just crashing at a friends house you need a plan. It is not worth the risk and a hell of a lot cheaper than a towed vehicle, hospital bill, court fee’s or loss of life. Just do everyone in the world a favor… ¬† DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!!



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