Google Play Free Song of the Day 6/24/2014

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Outta Control




About the artist

Californian reggae-pop outfit Rebelution (Rebby to fans)) earned enough accolades after their superb 2007 debut to warrant some serious industry buzz. Where some bands would jump at the chance to take their music into the crowded mainstream on the back of a juicy major-label deal, Rebelution did just the opposite. Rather than give up the creative freedoms that are the very core of their signature blend of contemporary reggae, rock, and hip-hop, the Santa Barbara-based outfit chose the road less traveled and started its own label, 87 Music. The hectic, two-year tour that followed the release of Courage to Grow served the band well, as the songs that comprise Bright Side of Life have that “lived in” feeling that can only come from an endless string of hot nights in strange cities. From the smooth confidence of the title cut to the slow burn of “Dubzilla,” Rebelution have crafted another winner full of vibrations that are decidedly more than good.

They may ask for Credit card information through Google Play, but it is 100% completely FREE and you will not be charged!

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