Avoiding the Summer Time Bug Blues

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Mosquito-Bar-Happy-HourFinally all the snow has melted and Spring has come and gone! Summer has finally awoken and well what comes with that? Bugs! Yes bugs and all types from the ones that crawl, jump and fly. What is the biggest pesky bug of them all in the Summer time? The mosquito! These pesky little vampire bugs are out and about trying to find anyone and anything to eat of off.  I can not tell you how many time I have gotten bit. It seems like I am a piece of meat jumping into a pool of Parana and within five minutes I have almost a dozen bites. I have found many of alternatives to help protect me and my family during the Summer. Did you know that you can buy citronella plants? I found them  at Walmart and you can plant them into the ground or put them into a pot and it helps keep the mosquito’s away. They are really nice looking plants so you wont have to worry about them sticking out like a sore thumb. Plus you can use citronella candles and they even make bracelets that repel those pesky bugs. I always try to use the bug repellent for the last resort since I dislike the smell. Guess it is the price to pay for protecting you family and pets. Don’t forget those mosquito’s carry some nasty diseases too. So I say good bye mosquito’s and hello to the lighting bugs on a warm breezy night. Yup doesn’t get any better than relaxing after busy day out on the porch and just relaxing. For more fun interesting facts check out this infographic here.


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