Save 64% off a Emson 5-Quart Electric Pressure Smoker

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Emson Electric 5Qt Smoker

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Amazon deal of the day for 5/10/2014 only!


Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at “Laugh in the face of all those NO SMOKING signs. This is America! If you want to smell like wood chips and meat in the comfort of your own home, that’s your prerogative. Remember when you could smoke on planes? There was no first class or economy. There was only DELICIOUS SMOKED MEAT FOR ALL. As it should be. Man, those were the days. What’s that? No, I’m not crying. Just got a little smoke in my eye.”
$249.99 $89.99 (64% off)
  • Cooks up to 4-pound of food at once, cold smoke cheeses
  • Safe for indoor use, cooking times reduced by 50-percent
  • Digital settings for ease of use
  • Sears, cooks and cold smokes
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