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Twin Shadow

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To The Top


Twin Shadow

About the artist

Born in the Dominican Republic, raised in Florida, and boasting an expansive musical background that includes composing for a touring dance company and fronting a Boston punk group, George Lewis, Jr. put his own multifaceted spin on chillwave when he started making solo bedroom recordings in Brooklyn as Twin Shadow. A born crooner with a nostalgic yet bittersweet 80s tone to his music, Lewis made demos that soon caught the attention of Grizzly Bear’s similar-minded Chris Taylor, who produced Forget and released it on his Terrible Records imprint in 2010. While spending much of that year and 2011 touring, Lewis, Jr. also made time to record his second Twin Shadow album, Confess, in Los Angeles. Inspired by a motorcycle crash he survived a couple of years prior, the album boasted a glossier sound and more direct songwriting than Lewis, Jr.’s debut.Jason Lymangrover, Rovi

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