Google Play Free Song of the Day 4/14/2014

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About the artist


Following the surprise success of slacker-rap novelty “Loser” and Mellow Gold, Beck Hansen teamed up with producers the Dust Brothers (Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique) to create a certifiable classic. Odelay captured all the elements that would make Beck such an enduring, shape-shifting star: cut-and-paste hip-hop, searing white boy funk and deeply felt folk melancholy. But while the crate-digging, mash-up style was ahead of its time, it’s Beck’s assured songwriting, appealingly nonsense lyrics and aloof charisma that seal it. From the mad guitar riff of “Devils Haircut” to the clap-along of “Where It’s At” to the weary, heartbreaking folk drift of “Jack-Ass,” Odelay gleefully bent all the rules of the rapidly ossifying “alternative” genre. As eternally fresh as a radioactive Twinkie.¬†Eric Grandy, Google Play

They may ask for Credit card information through Google Play, but it is 100% completely FREE and you will not be charged!

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  1. Robert Baranco says

    Thank you for posting about the Google Play Free Song of the Day 4/14/2014.

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