The Libman “Clean It Forward” Sweepstakes

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Click image to enter!

If you win please allow 4-6 weeks for your prize to be delivered.

YOU CAN ENTER TO WIN one of 1,000 Libman sponges in our daily giveaway every day during March. You can also nominate a charitable organization in need to receive a $20,000 donation and a cleaning makeover from Libman.

IF YOU’RE NOMINATING A CHARITY,include the organization’s website (their Facebook page url is o.k., too). When nominating, make sure you tell us about the charity or non-profit you’ve chosen and why they’re in need of help.

CLICK SUBMIT and if you won a sponge, you’ll find out instantly after filling out the form and clicking submit. If you didn’t win a sponge today, you can enter to win again tomorrow.

If you nominated a charity, Libman’s panel of judges will choose five finalists and email you if yours is selected. You, your Facebook friends and Libman fans will all vote for the one that’s most in need throughout April.

THE CHARITY WITH THE MOST VOTES AT THE END OF APRIL will win $20,000 and a cleaning makeover by our Grime Fighter crew.

IF THE CHARITY YOU NOMINATED is the one with the most votes, you’ll win $1,000!!

DON’T FORGET, you can enter to win our daily 1,000-sponge giveaway every day during March. That’s 31 chances to win. So what are you waiting for? 


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