AAG’s Cost of Living Piece

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InflationWow how the time fly by when you are having fun! Apparently so don’t the prices right? Inflation is on the rise and seems it will never stop!

I found and interesting review post from AAG  titles 1963-vs-now. I was amazed as to how much has changed in price from 1963 to 2014. I am not all surprised about the housing markets being so high or the cars and gas prices but, what I found so interesting was the average income and college tuition from then and now it has beyond doubled but still is not enough! I am worried about my children and their children when they get out on their own. I have to keep reminding them to finish school and go to college because I feel no one will hire with out an education and things will be hard and prices are going to get higher. As parents we always want our kids to do well and be successful in life and have what we did’t have.

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Learn about the differences between 1963 and today through Cost of Living Piece from AAG!




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