Hasbro’s Furby Boom Review

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Furby Boom

I recently had the opportunity to review the new line of Furby’s Called the Furby Boom from Hasbro. I truly have been a fan of  Furby since they came out in the 90’s and yes I had to have one! I believe when they first came out it had half of the vocabulary and and was strictly the Furbish language. The original seemed to  malfunction on occasion and had a high pitched noise come out of them. It was an easy fix just by hitting the reset button and there was no off switch. The original Furby always reminded me a bit of Gizmo from the movie Gremlins. Everyone loved Gizmo so how could you not love and want a Furby! Next generation of Furby was the Emototronic Furby which slipped by me and I never knew they existed until it was too late.  When Furby made it’s come back in 2012 along with the Furby Party Rockers. I knew I had to grab one and some for the entire family! They had multiple colors and had multiple personalities and was tech savvy and you could talk to your Furby as well. The app would allow you to feed your Furby virtual food and translate their Furbish until he or she would speak and learn English In the past you could talk to the older generations as well. Now let’s get to Furby Boom the New Generation of the Furblings. I am so excited about this one for multiple reasons. First off the colors and patterns are amazing so you have a wide range to choose from. Just like from the 2012 Furby they can morph into multiple personalities based on how you treat and take care of them plus they say there is five more personalities added as well. These personalities will make you laugh out loud no matter how old you are! I found that the Furby Boom is more sensitive to touch than the 2012 version. You can tickle, pet, feed, toss, pull their tail and much more. they will interact with you by touch and commands and boogie down to music. What is exciting about this one too is that it is tech savvy as well meaning you can use a smart device but, is not necessary to play with your Furby Boom. If you have a tablet and it is compatible with the Furby’s app then there is so much more to enjoy. With this special app you can actually give your Furby their own name and they will remember it plus go on a egg hunt for baby furblings. I could ramble on about the furbling but, instead I will let you learn more down below. I did notice a bit of the change in Furby over the years they are getting a but pudgier around the mid section but hey I am not one to judge. I highly recommend having a Furby for the young and old. It will make you laugh and bring out the kid in you! FYI these do not come with batteries so you may want to pick up a pack of “AA Batteries” they take four to operate. You just can’t go wrong so hurry and go get one now! *MSRP* $64.99

Here is a collage I put together from the images used during this review:

Furby Group Photo

Introducing Furby Boom

Furby Boom has more than twice as many responses as the previous Furby, remembers the name you give it, has 5 new personalities to discover and, on top of all that, it’s hatching a new generation!
Furby Boom Stats
  • New fab fur patterns
  • 5 new personalities to discover
Furby Boom toys can talk to each other
  • Furby loves making friends!
  • Furby will respond to your voice as well
  • Furbys have a language of their own – Furbish!
  • Using the Furby Boom app – your Furby Boom will remember its name and the names of other Furby Boom friends it meets.
Play with Furby to see its personality change
  • Furby’s personality is always changing depending on how you play together
New words! Learns English when spoken to
  • Furby Boom knows silly and fun words and phrases like “awesomesauce”
  • Check out the Furbish dictionary in the “play” section of this site
Use the new Furby Boom app to play with your Furby
  • Give your Furby Boom a name
  • Care for your Furby Boom by giving it virtual food, checkups, showers, and more
  • Play games
  • Hatch Furblings
Hatch Furblings
  • With each virtual egg you hatch in the Furby Boom app, you get a virtual Furbling!
  • Hatch enough virtual eggs in the Furby Boom app to fill the towers of Furbling city and get the golden egg!

This review was written solely by MumbleBeeInc. This item(s) was provided complimentary to MumbleBeeInc for the purpose of this review. I was not paid for my personal opinion of the product(s) contained in this review. All opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. 

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  1. I love Furby.. They are so entertaining!

  2. I remember my son had a Furby years ago and I ended up being the one who had to feed it! They are really awesome though and now I have to get one for my grandson!

  3. Robert Baranco says

    Thank you for posting your Hasbro’s Furby Boom Review.

  4. I DO NOT LIKE THESE NEW FURBY’S!!!! I think they are creepy and I don’t think any parent in America or abroad should purchase these very creepy toys for their children. The eyes flash a weird pattern and the thing is so loud and the volume can not be adjusted. My 8 yr old daughter was given one from another family member and I was not happy with it.
    And the app you have to download is so huge 251 mb. what other apps are that large. and Why are they called Furby Booms?
    Very bad toy for any child.

  5. katrina c. says

    My 10 year old has been asking for one of these, I just don’t know. Anyone remember those tamagotchi digital pets?? that’s what these remind me of and I remember being in class, hoping someone was feeding it for me. LOL! I think I’d rather get a cat. 🙂

  6. Sandra VanHoey says

    My grandson loves these things. He received 2 at Christmas and when I am on skype with him, he is always showing me his Furby Boom. Kids love them

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