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The Blow

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The Blow

The Blow is really visual artist and performer Khaela Maricich, who formerly released recordings under the name Get the Hell Out of the Way of the Volcano, after which she recorded (with the help of some guests) for K under the name the Blow. The Blow set lyrics that sound like unverbalized thoughts to herself to minimal, often electronically textured basic pop melodies. Maricich’s debut as the Blow was 2002’s Bonus Album, which she followed the next year with The Concussive Caress, or, Casey Caught Her Mom Singing Along with the Vacuum. In 2004, Maricich teamed up with musical tech-geek Jona Bechtolt for the recording of the limited-edition EP Poor Aim: Love Songs, released late that same year. The results were much to their liking, so much so that the Blow decided to thus remain a duo. Everyday Examples of Humans Facing Straight into the Blow arrived early in 2005 and contained material that had previously been released under Maricich’s earlier Volcano moniker. The Portland-based duo then returned in October 2006 with a full-length of new music entitled Paper Television.

They will ask for Credit card information through Google Play but,  it is 100% completely FREE and you will not be charged unless you purchase a song a retail price!

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