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The Kissaway Trail

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New Lipstick

The Kissaway Trail

Frequently compared to the elaborate orchestral sound of the Arcade Fire (in fact, the same artist designed their album cover), the Kissaway Trail hails from Odense,Denmark, and includes Thomas Fagerlund (vocals, guitar), Søren Corneliussen (vocals, guitar), Daniel Skjoldmose (guitar, keyboard), Rune Pedersen (bass), and HasseMydtskov (drums).
Corneliussen, Fagerlund, and Pedersen had originally went under the name Isles, self-releasing an album in 2005.
Skjoldmose and Mydtskov joinedthe band and soon they renamed themselves the Kissaway Trail. After hearing a few songs, Bella Union in the U.K. and Etch n Sketch in Australia quickly agreed to press the group’s next work. The Kissaway Trail was released in 2007

They will ask for Credit card information through Google Play but,  it is 100% completely FREE and you will not be charged unless you purchase a song a retail price!

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