Stollers by Jané USA

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If you are looking for a top of the line stroller they come with a price and Jané USA has it. They price from $250.00 – $790.00. Like I said they come with a price but if you can afford it I’d say go for it. The first Jané stroller was born in 1932 in Barcelona, Spain and looks to be expanding and sharing their products with us in the United States.  There are currently three types of Jane Strollers which are NANUQRIDER, and the TRIDER EXTREME. They all have commonalities such as five point harness buckles, the seats are easily removable for cleaning, they are very light weight and collapsible for fast and easy storage, cup holders for mom or dad, and also a rain cover. Also there are a lot of differences when it comes to all three models as well such as, Some of the seats are reversible allowing your child to face forward or backwards. Having rear suspension for shock absorption making bumps a smoother ride , Tilting of seats and guard rails for extra safety. The wheels on the strollers are pretty big but not over whelming big. They are just big enough to allow you to go over those bumps and rocks without the stroller getting stuck and making you stop in your tracks. I personally hated when I would take my kids to the county fairs and pushing a stroller in gravel and dirt is hard enough and then trying to get over those cords and hoses they have laying all over are a pain. I am sure some of you know exactly what I mean. These wheels are made out of a hard yet sturdy plastic which helps prevent deflation and puncture.  Plus these strollers are tall enough so that you are not hunched over so you can walk with grace not pain. 😉

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