Kinderfeets Balance Bike Review

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More information about Kinderfeets:

I recently had the opportunity to review a Balance bike from Kinderfeets.  I must first say I love the color they had sent me YELLOW like a Bee :-). My kids have gotten into the bee theme as well. My two boys who just turned three and four where very excited when they seen the box. It was very easy to assemble and all the tools were included. We have not been able to take the bike outside yet since it has been constantly snowing,sleeting, or raining so they have been taking turns and riding it all through out the house. Its has been a hit judging by how much they are fighting over it. They haven’t got the  courage to let both feet off the ground quite yet so for now they are both just learning how to balance and ride. These boys will be experts once it come to a bike with petals. The adjustable Seat will help kids of all shapes and sizes. I also find it really neat that they can personalize it as well with chalk! Yes they can actually color on the frame of the bike and write their names with sidewalk chalk. I do recommend a helmet and elbow and knee pads for when they go outside if you purchase one for your child. They sell for $109 to $99.00 on Kinderfeets website.

Kindersfeets and MumbleBeeInc have teamed up again to offer you a coupon code to get a Kinderfeets Balance Bike for $79 use the code ‘mumblebee‘ as a code during checkout.

Code expires: 3/23/2013

Here are some images taken during this review:

IMG_7458-001IMG_7463-001IMG_7462-001IMG_7465-001IMG_7678-001balance bike-001

Read more about Kinderfeets:

The Kinderfeets is a patented balance bike, also known as a training bike or a running bike. It provides a great starting point for children preparing to ride a conventional two-wheeled bicycle. It’s a clever alternative to training wheels and is considered a superior form of learning to balance on two wheels. Inspired by the bicycling lifestyle of the Dutch, and a father’s dedication to his son’s ability to bike, Kinderfeets is committed to providing an eco-friendly, design forward, quality push bike that encourages children and their families to live an active, creative, and adventurous lifestyle. Kinderfeets’ handmade, award-winning, wooden push bikes feature a patented design and a colorful variety of chalk-board finishes so every child can make Kinderfeets uniquely theirs. Seats up to 70 pounds. To learn more and to order visit

These are my own personal opinions and this review was written solely by MumbleBeeInc

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  1. I am going to pass this along to my sister in law- my nephew is getting at the age where he will need a bike and this sounds like a great starting place!

  2. perfect for great nephew, as he is getting to that age and and can be made the way they want.

  3. Sarah Shepler says

    This is cute. I love the color options. ‘Will definitely be looking into getting one of these for my daughter. It took me a really long time to learn how to ride a bicycle. I think learning how to balance on one of these first probably helps before kids have to focus on pedaling as well.

  4. how cute is that

  5. FINALLY! a review without a giveaway I can comment on! lol I have absolutely no need for this item though it is indeed cute but this was the first post I came across that was not a giveaway!

  6. Maria Iemma says

    I like this bike – I think my grandson would enjoy making it his way. Thanks,

  7. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    I have been looking at balance bikes for my little grandson. He is so little for his age and I have been trying to find him a bike because his big brother has one and he wants one, too. I think a balance bike would be great for him to start out on and learn how to balance before he gets a real bike. I am happy to see that it comes in different colors especially blue since he has to have everything in blue.

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