Love of Bling Handbags and Accessories Giveaway

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Click image to enter!

Must “LIke” their Facebook page and do the following to enter!

Good luck to all!

We will be running this giveaway for 6 hours from the start time of 11:00 am thru 5:00 pm Pacific Time (2 pm-8 pm EST), the prize is the wallet pictured on this post. To be eligible to win you must do the following:

1. LIKE our Page, not just this post.

2. Tell us the SKU # of your favorite product of ours, you will need to go to our Shopping tab to find one and then enter it in the comments of this post only. If posted somewhere else on the page, your entry will not qualify.

3. SHARE our page. To share the page you go to the button that has the gear and arrow (next to the Like button) click on the arrow then scroll down and click on Share (fifth one down). Or just use the Suggest To Friends Tab next to the Shopping Tab.

We will announce the winner on our page no later than 7 pm (PST) we will do our best to tag them in the post and send a FB Message. The winner will have until 10 am PST on Saturday 2/16/13 (tomorrow morning) to respond or we will pick another winner. Good luck and thanks for visiting Love Of Bling! Disclaimer: Facebook does not sponsor this giveaway and it is not affiliated with them!

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