Shopping for a Wedding Ring: One of Life’s Most Important Decisions

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Shopping for a Wedding Ring: One of Life’s Most Important Decisions

One of the biggest milestones in your life, getting married, comes with a lot of preparation and planning.
Probably the earliest step to take in these preparations is shopping for a wedding ring. Knowing
that your future wife will be wearing her ring for hopefully a lifetime, it’s not a choice to take lightly.
Although it can seem overwhelming, it doesn’t need to be. Here are a few different ways to help you
find the perfect ring for your partner.

Consider Your Budget

Although a good ring isn’t likely to be cheap, it also doesn’t have to empty your bank account. Many
wedding bands are available, both online and at local jewelers, for good prices. Consider the following
ideas for getting a great ring for the best value:

Buy the rock separately. In many cases, you can find a better deal by buying the diamond loose,
rather than already set into the ring.
Inspect the gem, or have it appraised before buying. Keep in mind that some flaws that are
barely discernible to the human eye can bring the price of a stone down somewhat, yet still look
Buy a gem that’s high in color and cut, but with lower clarity. This won’t make much difference
to the naked eye, but will for your pocketbook.

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Understand What Your Partner Likes

Don’t just buy any old ring. Wedding rings vary in styles from modern to classic. Some women would
appreciate a chic ring in the latest contemporary style, while others are in love with the antique
look that was popular in their grandmother’s time. Also, the material the ring is constructed from
is important to consider. Your future bride may have strong opinions on whether she prefers gold,
silver, or something else. Pay attention to her style and take notice of the type of jewelry she wears. If
necessary, ask some of her friends or family members – as long as you know they can keep quiet about
your plans! It might even help to recruit someone to shop with you, whether it’s one of your parents,
her parents, siblings, or friends.

How About Shopping Together?

There’s no better judge of what your fiancée likes than your fiancée herself. Don’t worry about spoiling
the element of surprise by having her come along with you to shop for rings. If you’re creative, you can
still surprise her with a “prop” ring or another way of showing your intentions – and then draw out the
fun by including her in the decision process. Better yet, the two of you can shop together and decide
what type of band would look best for you as well, to complement both rings as a matching set.

The Paperwork and Insurance

A wedding ring is an investment just like any other major purchase. Be sure to have everything in its
appraisal, from the precious metal to the stones, officially certified and recorded. Your local jeweler will

be able to help you in that matter. Have the rings insured, and keep the paperwork in a safe place along
with the rest of your important papers.

Getting engaged is a busy and happy time, but don’t get so caught up in the excitement that you miss
the proper steps to get the best value for your money, and to insure and protect your investment.

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  1. Just had to sell mine. This makes me all dreamy eyed now ;0)

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