Microsoft Windows8 Party For Crowdtappers

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Verizon Crowdtap VIP — Hosted Party

Microsoft Windows8 Party

January 7, 2013 Applications Due

Once your guests have arrived and are settled, you’ll kick off the party by introducing your guests to the Windows 8X by HTC smartphone. Start off by passing the provided Windows phone around the party so each guest has an opportunity to check out the phone. Then you’ll guide the group through the phone’s various features through a fun Pinterest Challenge! The phone is based on Microsoft Windows so you’ll find it familiar, fun and easy to use—plus, we’ve provided key points about the phone that you can easily share with your guests.

What will be in your Party Kit if you are chosen.


  • • Party Handbook
  • • Active Windows Phone 8X by HTC
  • • $75 AmEx Gift Card
  • • Three Verizon Swagbags filled with prizes for the winners of the Pinterest Challenge


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  1. Robert Baranco says

    This sounds interesting, but im still a bit confused.

  2. Shellie Cadogan says

    This sounds like an amazing opportunity!
    Good luck Everyone!

    Shellie @

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