Free Disney Reward Points Everyday Till Christmas

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Click image to enter!

25DOCBMR8121 – you get 5 points for both day 1 and 2

Day 3:   25DOCBMR1123

Day 4:    25DOCBMR924

 Day 5:  25DOCBMR5425

Day 6:     12DOCBMR226

12DOCBMR1179 you get 5 points for day 7, 8, and 9

Day 10:   25DOCBMR2210

Day 11:    25DOCBMR1111

Day 12:    25DOCBMR1212

Day 13:   25DOCBMR9213

 25DOCBMR121416 – you get 5 points for day 14, 15, and 16

Day 17:    25DOCBMR3317 

Day 18:                25DOC218

Day 19:      25DOCBMR8119

Day 20:   25DOCBMR619

 25DOCBMR2123you get 5 points for day 21,22, and 23

Day 24:   25DOCBMR24

Day 25:     25DOCBMR7225

NOTE: If no codes you have to find the the bonus  point tab on the right hand side of the page then hit enter and it will bring you to Disney Movie Rewards.  Make sure you sign in and it will automatically update you with 5 bonus points!

Disney Movie Rewards members can earn 5 points daily* from 12/1 to 12/25!  Just visit ABC Family’s 25 Days Of Christmas home page and click on the Disney Movie Rewards logo – it’s that easy.

At Disney Movie Rewards, you can reward yourself just for enjoying Disney movies:

 *   Enter the Magic Code inside your Disney Movies to earn points toward cool stuff like Disney Blu-rays & DVDs,

     movie admissions, gift cards, collectibles, and more.

*   Get special member extras like coupons and special offers.

*   Access sweepstakes and gifts.

It’s free and easy to join at**

Go on, reward yourself.  It’s our way of saying, “Thanks!”

*Codes posted Monday through Thursday are valid 9:00am PT to 8:59am PT.  Codes posted Friday are valid 9:00am PT through the following Monday at 8:59am PT.  Limit one code per member account per day.  Must be a Disney Movie Rewards member; membership is free. Promotion ends 12/25/12 at 11:59pm PT.

**Visit for eligibility requirements, details, terms and conditions, point collection and redemption details and expiration dates.



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