Free Portable Cartoon Folding and Retractable Cups

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Click image to enter!

How to get them:

1. Click on the item you want

2. Like them on Facebook

3. Share it with your friends

4. Play the slot to see if it is FREE

Then try your luck! Some are 100% FREE while some need $0.99 shipping fee.

  1. U.S residents 18 years of age or older only (excluding Hawaii and Alaska);
  2. Customers need to complete a few simple tasks in order to get the free products;
  3. One item per person applied;
  4. BizArkDeal awards freebies in two ways. Some free products include free shipping. Other freebies require you to pay shipping charges. The percentage of free shipping vs. paid shipping awards may vary with different vendors. See the item’s specific product page for more details.
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  1. Kelly @ Practical Savings says

    These are so cute! Thank you!!!

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