Free Razor Handle and Blade Cartridges

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For a limited time, Dollar Shave Club is offering a FREE month, which means you can score a razor handle with up to 4 cartridges with s&h included for FREE. Choose from three available options: The Humble Twin, The 4X and The Executive then enter discount code: D12S4C12 during checkout to make it FREE.

NOTE: This is a monthly subscription service so you will need to cancel as soon as your razor arrives (or before the 1st of the month) unless you want to be billed for the next shipment. You can also go the your account and change the plan option to “Get Delivery Every Other Month” and that will give you a little more time. If possible use a prepaid card with little or no balance for this one and the order will go through. While going through their FB page, I noticed comments from people who complained about having trouble cancelling their subscription. Just be mindful of this if you decide to sign up. I signed up myself so we will see!

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  1. Thanks, we can always use razors in our house.

  2. I’ve been considering trying the Dollar Shave Club, with this freebie, now is a great time to check it out!

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