Earn Rewards With Gift Hulk The EZ Way , As Featured on CBS!

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At GiftHulk you can earn Hulk Coins by doing things you already do online – searching, answering surveys and more!

Hulk Coins can be redeemed for gift cards, electronics and other unique rewards at the GiftHulk Store.


Search & Win!
Use GiftHulk Search as your Web search engine. You will be able to win Hulk Coins, Gifts, Prize Codes and more!
GiftHulk Search Plugin will help you with that – it will blend into your browser, so your Search Win will be always just one click away from you!
Also, you will get 1 Hulk Coins every day just for using the GiftHulk Search Plugin!

Watch GiftHulk TV!
Watch trending and funny videos, educational channels, celeb news and many more at GiftHulk TV!
Every 10 videos you will earn 2 Hulk Coins from the TV Progress Bar!
Invite friends
You’ll not only share with your friends all the great benefits of GiftHulk but also get 20% of everything they earn!
Also, every active referral will get you an additional permanent Treasure Key for the Treasure Box!
Earn EZ Coins
Complete special offers and tasks especially selected for you by our team.
Earn Hulk Coins the EZ Way!

GiftHulk Toolbar
 GiftHulk Toolbar is a browser widget that will let you Search&Win directly from your browser and access all the GiftHulk features in one click!
Also, special Fountain of Youth codes will be released only to the GiftHulk Toolbar users!
GiftHulk Toolbar can be installed on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Complete offers
Complete various offers to get Hulk Coins – from watching videos to visiting sites to signing up for great deals.

Treasure Box
Every day you will get Treasure Keys – they will give you a chance to open the Treasure Box and win prizes!
The Treasure Box can award you with Hulk Coins, Boosts, Gifts, and Fountain of Youth Codes. These rewards are just a few of them you can receive!
How do you use your Treasure Keys? Just click “Insert Key” on the Treasure Box page! It couldn’t be easier!

Enter Giveaways!
Make sure to check the GiftHulk Blog for posts about our new Giveaways!
Don’t you want to be a lucky winner?!

Participate in free web surveys
These are surveys from Market Research firms who want your opinions on their products and services.
Your opinion will shape the next generation of products that you will use!
And you will also earn huge amounts of Hulk Coins!

Perform short and free tasks
Earn Hulk Coins by performing short and easy tasks!
There are also special GiftHulk Tasks, like writing a blog post and making YouTube videos!
All of these tasks will earn you Hulk Coins!
Daily Poll
Each day you can participate in our Daily Poll. For every answer, you earn Hulk Coins!
Visit the site every day to answer them all!

In each game, you will be ranked against other players.
The best players will be rewarded at the end of the Tournament.
The first three in each tournament will earn Hulk Coins!


Redeeming Your Hulk Coins:

Hulk Coins that you earn can be used in our Hulk Store on a variety of great rewards.
Rewards are sent out every Sunday!
That means that your maximum wait time will be 6 days! And at the minimum – 1 day only!

We always keep our store up to date with the rewards our users want and need.
Everyone will find an item to love in our Hulk Store – from fuel cards to department stores to restaurants, we have all of the gift card choices that you are looking for!
In addition, most of our reward cards are sent to you electronically, which means you will get them quicker. Some will be shipped to your home address, but don’t worry – the shipping cost is on us too!


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