Possible FREE Crystal Light Today (4/5) Live now!

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From Crystal Lights Facebook page:  Our big surprise for you will come tomorrow: MOCKTAILS SPRING MADNESS! There will be games, gifts, and new ways to get to know the Mocktails up close and personal. Check back tomorrow to see what happens!

We will keep you updated on any thing new that will happen.

*UPDATE* Mocktails Spring Madness is finally here! Go meet all the Mocktails and have a chance to earn up to $8 in coupons. We are changing the coupon value every day and putting it under a different Mocktail to keep it interesting. There will be a limited number available every day. Today we have 1,000 Buy One Get One Free coupons available. Don’t worry if you miss today… there will be more tomorrow and the next day….and the next day… every day is a new chance to meet a Mocktail and get a coupon.

Mocktails Spring Madness
Program Details

  1. Click on one of the five Mocktails characters below on the Insider Page at a chance to earn one of three different valued coupons while supplies last.
  2. A page will open with the Mocktails character that tells you more about her and the Mocktails flavor. This page will have a simple question.
  3. Anser the question asked by the Mocktails character. There is no exact right answer, our Mocktails ladies just want to hear from you.
  4. Upon answering, you will either earn a collectable Mocktails character badge or you will earn the daily coupon deal. Only one of the five girls on a given day will have the coupon, but you may keep clicking on each girl until you click on the girl that has the coupon daily deal.
  5. If the number of coupons allotted for the day run out, you will have another opportunity tomorrow to get a coupon. You will still receive a collectable Mocktails character badge.
  6. Different coupon values and quantities will be available to our Fans every day. You can qualify to earn each of the three different coupon values ($1, $2, and Buy One Get One Free up to $5) one time each, during the duration of the campaign.
  7. Come back every day from 4/5/12 through 4/23/12 to play!
  8. Maximum value of coupons available per person, email address, or household is $8. Not all retailers accept electronic coupons.

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