SIX FREE Mason Jars & 1 FREE Lip Balm From Firefly Vodka

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order SIX FREE Mason Jars &  1 FREE Lip Balm from Firefly Vodka after you create an account . The jars are on the second page and lip balm is on the very last page. it will show $0.00 and it will let you check out without and credit card info as well as you see in the picture above which is my order. Maybe this is them saying sorry for the mishap earlier. Lets hope it goes through and isn’t an error 😉

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  1. Deborah Nicke says

    Love free stuff 🙂

  2. Kristina Kowalski Jolley says

    Sooo awesome ty for share!

  3. Sabrina Green says

    create an account where

  4. Nanci Noble says

    Worked exactly as you said. Thank you very much!!

  5. daphne moss says

    free stuff yaaahhhhh

  6. Nanci Noble says

    Of course now they say it was an error…Figures! Guess they can’t afford to stand by their error!

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