Fisher~Price Little People Animal Sounds Zoo Review

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I recently had a great opportunity to review the Little People Animal Sounds Zoo for Fisher~Price. When I brought this out off the Bedroom Both of my toddlers got excited!

Praize who is featured up above with the Animal Zoo Sounds is 22 months old and Dakota is 35 months old. Yes they are very close in age  and I knew this toy would be great for them to play with.

Okay so now it is time to set this toy up. As stated on the box you will need 3 AA batteries because they aren’t included with the toy itself and of course you will need a  phillips head screw driver.

  Boy were they excited!

If you notice the picture to the right there is suppose to be a lion as well and stickers but I moved the stickers and my son stole the lion out of the shot. Another thing that I didn’t  see was a BONUS DVD inside. It shows it on the box but I didn’t see it. So I put the DVD in the player so the kids could keep occupied while me and my husband put the toy together. The Animal Sounds Zoo was as easy as 123 and ABC . There are 3 screws and everything else snaps into place. It is a quick and speedy setup. So After it being finished I placed the stickers on and Played the DVD over again.

So here is the complete set up! I have multiple shots but they were right in there not letting me in to take a good picture.

So lets get down to the basics of the Little People Animal Sounds Zoo it is targeted to children 18 Months – 5 years of age. I can not find a single sharp edge the plastic is smooth and durable it won’t break easy even when being thrown around. The Animal Sounds Zoo comes with multiple features and exhibits as you see: On the top left an icy cave, a pond below, grassy area on the bottom left, a tree top on the top right with a swing and last but not least is the animal hut under the tree tops where you place the animals and it will recognize and say the name of the animal and play the animal sound. What came included was the lion, gorilla, polar bear, and zoo keeper. For the zoo keeper you see a red square under the slide that where the zoo keeper sits and if that is pushed it will talk and play music.  Not to mention that there are lots of fun sounds and hiding spots for the animals in the zoo. Such as the  drop-through cave and a spinning tree top it also has a  button that squeaks and an easy carry handle for you to pick up which is light enough for the little ones to move around as well. Now I noticed there are only two volume settings one low and one high even with the high on it was still hard to hear in my opinion. I only have one disappointment about this product is on the box it shows a monkey which is really cute. but on the back there is a small sticker saying what comes with it and the Gorilla took the monkeys place. So be sure to read what comes included. On the back of the box  it shows the rest of the Zoo Talkers collection that you can buy separately which includes: Penguin, Seal, Alligator, Bear, Dolphin, Tiger, Rhino, Ostrich, Elephant, and Gorilla. Note: The Gorilla was included in the box but it does not show the monkey as an option to buy.

 Lets talk a bit about the Zoo Talkers DVD Which came included in the box. It’s average run time is 25 minutes with five episodes total which makes each episode five minutes a piece. I have to say it kept my little ones attention, they where colorful and fun but, short  which keeps them entertained when it comes to a watching TV.  Even Dad and I were watching as we are both big kids at heart ourselves.

Episodes Included:

See Who’s at the Zoo

Sonya Lee’s Day at the Zoo

Eddie saves the Circus

Michael and the Cornfields

Maggie’s Friends Pitch In

 It has been a week since this has been put together and they are still playing with it  ( and fighting over it ) on a daily basis. It keeps their attention, what more can you ask for in a toy than to let your child’s imagination run free. Overall I rate it 4.5 stars and would recommend  Little People Animal Sounds Zoo to any child and can be picked up for an average price of $39.99

Fisher~Price  sent me this item to review. These are my own personal opinions and this review was written solely by MumbleBeeInc

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